Licensing Overview

As of October 1, 2020, the Macon-Bibb Tax Commissioner’s Office assumed the responsibilities for the processing of initial and renewal applications for alcohol licenses. BusinessDevelopment Services continued processing new business licenses through December 31, 2020. As of January 1, 2021, the Tax Commissioner’s Office will be responsible for alcohol, business and privilege licensing, completing the transfer of all duties from BDS to this office. The Tax Commissioner is pleased to announce the implementation of an electronic application that will streamline the process for business owners. While this initial cycle will entail collecting data from all license holders, to ensure accuracy, subsequent renewal cycles will be less cumbersome as license holders will merely access their data previously entered to complete renewals, provided there have been no changes.

Telephone number: 478-621-6500

Email address:

Online Applications

Should you wish to apply for initial license or renewal, please consider our online option. As Covid-19 cases continue to be of concern, this option will allow you to submit your documents and fees while limiting physical interaction. Online applications are available for the following:

  • Alcohol Beverage License
  • Alcohol Handler
  • General Business License
  • Privilege License
  • Special Event Permit

Please note that all online applications require the uploading of a supplement packet and supporting documents. Please click on the appropriate supplement packet and print for completion and upload before beginning the online process. To begin the online application process, please visit

Form Applications

Printable Supplemental Packets for On-line Applications

Printable Applications for Mail-In Submission

* Should you wish to drop off your application in person, you may do so Tuesdays through Friday only. Please ensure that your application is complete with the supporting documents to avoid delays. We will process your application in the order in which it is received and mail you a copy of the license once issued.

At this juncture, the following applications are ONLY available for mail-in or in-person submission. Please print, complete and submit. We are working on an online option for all applications and will provide updates on the websites once additional applications become available.

Fingerprinting Process

If you are applying for an initial Alcohol Beverage License, you will need to complete a criminal background check by submitting your fingerprints. Please see the instructions linked here. While the system will allow you to register, you MUST have a pending application BEFORE the scanning location will allow you to submit them.


May I submit an initial or renewal application for my general business license at the Tax Commissioner’s Office?

Applications for business and privilege licenses will be processed through the Tax Commissioner’s Office after January 1, 2021. Applications may be submitted online or by paper.

Do I have to submit my Alcohol License Application to the Tax Commissioner’s Office in person?

No. Initial and renewal applications for Alcohol licenses may be submitted online at:

What is a S.A.V.E. Affidavit and why must I complete it?

This affidavit is a legal requirement that requires information regarding citizenship or proof of lawful presence. A Secure and Verifiable Document (SVDS) must be submitted with the completed and notarized affidavit. More on SVDS

What are the fees associated with alcohol licenses?

Fee Schedules

What are the different types of alcohol license designations?

Please see the definitions included in the Code of Ordinances.

Alcohol Code

Once I have received my Alcohol Beverage License, may I begin conducting business related to the sale of alcohol?

It is important that you meet all state requirements in addition to those of Macon-Bibb County. Please visit the website for the Georgia Department of Revenue for additional information at:

What is the contact information for the agencies from which I may need additional documentation?

  • Macon-Bibb County Engineer’s Office
    780 Third Street,
    Macon, GA 31201

  • Macon Telegraph
    487 Cherry Street,
    Macon, GA 31201

  • Macon-Bibb County Sheriff’s Outreach Section

If my application is denied, am I entitled to a refund?

Application fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Who do I call to schedule an appointment to have an inspection done on my security camera system?

Please call the Macon-Bibb County Sheriff’s Outreach Section at 478-803-2710.