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We are going to continue to work to serve you.

  1. We have up to four drive-thru lanes for property tax payments, solid waste payments, and tag renewals. Drivers license required. No need to worry, just bring your hand sanitizer with you after handling anything that somebody else might have handled.
  2. We offer online payment options at The single best way to do self-quarantine is to pay for anything that is due online. It’s easy and it’s germ-free!
  3. We have two tag renewal kiosks for your convenience. Kroger on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd and Kroger on Hartley Bridge Road.
  4. You can always mail your tag renewal payment (include renewal notice) and other payments through the mail (you can print your bill from our website or call us at 478-621-6500 for bill information). If you like hard copies and a paper trail you can always do things the old-fashioned way and mail it into our office. That way you don’t have to leave your house, you limit your possibility of contagion and it has the added advantage of being fast, close to free, and super easy!
  5. You may call our office to pay over the phone. Call us at 478-621-6500.
  6. We have a night deposit box in the first lane of our drive-thru for payments after hours. Envelopes are available in the drawers above the dropbox.