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Our Tax Commissioner


Wade McCord

Tax Commissioner

Communication Center
Office: 478-621-6500


Pay your tax bill online or by phone:

You will need your bill number. You may find it HERE.

Meet Us

Tanja Battle
Deputy Commissioner of Taxpayer Services & Business License
478-621-6500 ext. 6568

Kendall Countryman
Deputy Commissioner of Collections
478-621-6500 ext. 6835

Sara Henton
Information Specialist
478-621-6500 ext. 6681

Debra Land
Senior Administrative Assistant
478-621-6500 ext. 6300

Cheryl Lee
Deputy Commissioner of Levy
478-621-6500 ext. 5869


Macon-Bibb County Tax Commissioner Center

Mailing Address
Macon-Bibb County Tax Commissioner
P.O. Box 4724
Macon, GA 31208-4724

Physical Address
Macon-Bibb County
Tax Commissioner Service Center
188 Third Street
Macon, GA 31201

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Kroger North Park Center

Physical Address
Self-Service Tag Renewal Kiosk
Kroger North Park Center
200 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.
Macon, GA 31210

Kroger Bridge Pointe

Physical Address
Self-Service Tag Renewal Kiosk
Kroger Bridge Pointe
4321 Hartley Bridge Rd
Macon, GA 31216


Message From Our Tax Commissioner

Dear Taxpayers,

The Macon-Bibb County Tax Commissioner’s Office is committed to improving our processes to make our office as user friendly as possible. To accomplish this commitment, I have a staff of dedicated professionals who work hard every day to deliver exceptional customer service and make improvements on how we get things done to enhance the overall taxpayer experience with our office. I am very proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to the opportunity of continuing to serve the taxpayers’ of Macon-Bibb County for many years to come.

S. Wade McCord
Tax Commissioner

Customer Service

Our staff is trained to provide exceptional customer service in person or on the phone. In addition, we constantly strive to improve our taxpayers’ online experience as well.

  • We work for taxpayers – We realize that this is your tax office and we work for you. Everyone is greeted with a smile and assisted promptly.
  • New Online Web Portal – You are using it now! Account information can be found and payment made anytime on our new website.
  • Quick Payment Options - you can pay online at, by phone at 1-844-828-3222 or scan the Quick Response (QR) code on your tax bill.
  • Experienced Tax Clerks – most of our clerks have many years of experience and they all are trained to handle both tag and tax transactions.
  • Communication Center – We have staff designated to answer the phones and assist with many frequently asked questions. For more in-depth type questions, taxpayers are quickly transferred to an experienced clerk to assist them.
  • Walk-In Customers – A dedicated tax office representative is stationed in our lobby at all times to help taxpayers with their questions and assist with checking into our automated queuing system. While in our office, customers can rate the service they received on a scale from 1 (worst) - 5 (best). Currently our average rating is 4.93!
  • Automated Queuing System – No standing in line at our office! Our customers are given a number & can wait while seated in our newly renovated lobby. Most of the time, there is no wait time because we have many clerks on staff to assist you.
  • Wait time – if there is a current wait time, our website has that posted so you can plan accordingly.
  • Drive Thru Lanes – We have three drive thru lanes available for taxpayers handling routine transactions.
  • Drop Box – We have a drop box located on the side of the building in the first drive thru lane for customers who need to drop off their business after hours.
  • Self Service Tag Renewal Kiosks – We have kiosks located in the Kroger on Tom Hill, Sr. Blvd. and Hartley Bridge Road available for taxpayers Sun-Sat 5AM - 1AM. Bring your driver’s license to renew your tag at the kiosk in less than 3 minutes! Convenience fees apply.
  • Email – We can be contacted by email at


We monitor our operational processes to ensure we do the things that benefit our taxpayers in the most efficient and effective manner as possible. Below are some of our accomplishments in this area.

  • Collection Rate - Our prior years' collection rate averages around 98% which is one of the highest in the State.
  • Assisted the county in improving their financial picture by continuing to improve tax collections.
  • Remittance Processor – We use a remittance processor to process large numbers of payments which reduces labor costs and results in quicker deposits and payouts to Macon-Bibb County, the Board of Education and the State of Georgia.
  • Mailings - We outsource to print and mail tax bills, notices, fifas (liens), garbage bills, tag renewals, etc. which saves on labor costs if those services were performed in-house.
  • Levies - We outsource the title research and mailings for better efficiency. Those costs are directly paid for by the delinquent taxpayer upon payment. This enables our office to levy on approximately 1,250 properties per year. We have significantly increased the number of levies each month to improve the collection rate.
  • Court Filings – For taxes or garbage that go unpaid, we produce fifas (liens) and, when paid, cancellations, through an automated computer program which greatly reduces labor costs associated with doing this task manually. We are now filing fewer liens because our collection rate has improved.
  • Successfully completed Subsequent Tax Sale where we sold 211 properties for $724,000.00. For more information about future sales go HERE.


We increased collections by $18 plus million dollars over last year with overall collections at $203.5 million. The financial stability of the county and schools depend on how well we execute our duties in collecting, managing and promptly paying out those funds to the governmental entities.

  • Banking Relationships – We leverage the size of our deposits to seek out the best banking relationships available to maximize the benefit to the governmental entities. In 2018, we changed banks which resulted in additional income through cost reductions and interest income. The net increase from cost reductions and interest income is projected to exceed $30,000 annually.
  • Cash Management – We account for all cash paid in and paid out as a result of our operations.
  • Implemented service agreement with a provider for the collection of returned checks. This has resulted in an improvement of collections, both in terms of number of checks and amounts.
  • Implementation of Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions for remittances to other government entities (levying authorities).
  • Utilized Remote Cash Deposit service resulting in funds being credited to our bank accounts the same day deposits are processed which eliminated the need for our armored car service and associated cost of approximately $6,000 per year.


Message From Our Tax Commissioner

I am constantly thinking of ways to improve the service we provide to the taxpayer. To help us focus towards those improvements, goals are set to help us get there. My goals are always to save families and businesses time and money where possible. Please review my goals below designed with you in mind.

S. Wade McCord
Tax Commissioner


Continue to improve this new web portal which was recently launched to assist taxpayers in finding the information quickly and offer various ways to pay their bill.

Homestead Exemptions

I hold three public meetings for the general public each year to inform homeowners on how they can apply for available homestead exemptions that can reduce their tax amount due (if eligible). In January, I plan to mail out exemption information to homeowners who may not have taken advantage of filing for Homestead Exemption so that they may contact us for eligibility. The deadline for application is April 1 of each year for that tax year. For more information about homestead exemptions, see our Taxpayer Brochure.

Motor Vehicles

Our website provides the links to the state motor vehicle division which is being redesigned to more fully integrate our office with state agencies such as the Department of Revenue and Driver Services. Our goal is to further incorporate our available motor vehicle resources to help with your motor vehicle questions and needs. In addition, based upon the State’s implementation, we are working towards using our remittance processing machine to automatically process tag renewals. Currently, this process is handled manually. When complete, this will enable us to redirect employee time to other customer service and collection activities. Most importantly, it will also enable us to send your decal to you quicker!

Tag Renewal Kiosks

Depending on demand and location availability, more self-service kiosks may be added for your convenience.


Continue to work with the various governmental entities to assist in alleviating blighted conditions.